Headshots 101

Headshots 101

I have a great new gazillion-pixel cell phone camera. Surely, I can take my own headshot… Can’t I?

Before answering that question, let’s first look at what a headshot really is, and why it is so important in today’s business environment. Your headshot, or as I prefer, “Professional Portrait”, is your multi-faceted calling card. It’s a representation of you and who you are. It’s also the face of your business. And it’s an extension of your brand. It truly is the ethos of who you are and the culture of your business.

A great professional portrait should convey three elements: professionalism, confidence, approachability.


Your portrait should communicate that you are a professional who believes even the little details are important. Anything that even hints of a sloppy DYI’r or amateur job simply isn’t good enough. If you demand the best of yourself, others will trust you will provide your best.


As a consumer, who would you rather do business with? Someone who waffles, won’t make eye contact, projects self-doubt? Or, would you more likely conduct business with someone who can communicate clearly, succinctly, and confidently? Body language is so important in this process. Make sure your professional portrait projects bold confidence.


I’ll be honest, the first two items really don’t mean squat if your clients don’t feel like they can reach out, connect, and talk to you. You want your portrait to convey a warm and welcoming dementor. You need that twinkle in your eyes and a healthy glow in your cheeks to go with an inviting smile.

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