Just Ask Google

Just Ask Google

Just ask Google “Why you need a professional headshot” and you will come up with literally millions of results. Go ahead. Try it. I’ll wait…

The internet certainly doesn’t need another blog post on the subject. A much more interesting question is “Who will create your headshot?” Which, incidentally, is an even more robust Google search.

Basically, there are three choices, do it yourself, talk your best friend into doing it for you, or hire a professional photographer. Economics may make the first two options appear most favorable, but are they really?

Let’s think about the purpose of the professional headshot for a moment… It is far more than an obligatory place holder on a resume or business card. It truly is a representation of yourself. Many times, it IS that all important first impression. How do you want people to view you? As a “professional” that cares about the details, or a DYI looking for the shortcuts? Do you want to be perceived as someone who is “approachable” or someone that doesn’t connect with others? Lastly, when you look at your headshot, do you see someone who has the “confidence” and where-with-all to take action, or does inexperience and apprehension reveal itself?

Professionalism, approachability, and confidence. These are the three critical elements I look for in a professional headshot. At Headshots By Positive Images, our process is designed to capitalize on these traits. From initial consult, wardrobe selection, throughout the session, and into final image selection, we’re there to guide you in creating the best possible headshot representing your profession, your business, and YOU!

And if that isn’t enough, if we ever fail to capture these elements, you owe nothing! No money is paid upfront. It’s not until after you see and LOVE your new professional headshot that we accept payment. So why not give us a try. I assure you, we are up to the challenge!!!

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